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Business, financial and banking

Business, financial and banking always are the most concern issues of any person. Saigon Asia Law Company proud to have the best consultancy service in this fields. With great experience and devotion for our customer, we guarantee the best service of Business, financial and banking. We provide the consultancy service for Business consultancy, business [...]

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Marriage, family and inheritance consultancy

Saigon Asia Law Company has had many success in marriage, family and inheritance consultancy. We provide the best consultancy service for our customer about adoption, family dispute, inheritance dispute. With the highest responsibility and moral, our lawyer team will bring the best solution for your problem to protect all your rights and interest. Our [...]

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Investment consultancy has always been Saigon Asia Law Company strong field. In this field, we provide legal consultancy for investment procedure, investment plan and service for obtaining proper document for investment. We have a lot of experience in investment consultancy for many domestic and foreign company in investing in Viet Nam. The procedure to [...]

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Company operation, business registration, company management are always complicate and hard to practice. Saigon Asia Law Company shall provide the best solution for your demand in business registration and management consultancy to start and/or improve the company operation. We provide consultancy service for business registration with the authority, capital contribution, company management included giving [...]

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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are very common in the world but not in Viet Nam. Because of the upcoming need of Intellectual property rights consultancy, Saigon Asia Law Company has established a best lawyer group in Intellectual consulting. They will provide the best service for your demand of Intellectual property rights protection. Intellectual property rights [...]

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Labor is one of the most important key in company operation. However, there are many company and also employee do not understand the provisions in Labor Law and did not implement in accordance with the law. Therefore, many disputes have arisen, caused them many time and money to resolve. Understand the necessary of labor [...]

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You are stuck in a dispute and want to have lawyer to support you when submit the case for the Court? Saigon Asia Law Company is the best choice for your demand. In fact, there are many case handle by the Court take such a long time to resolve. If you don’t have a [...]

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Tax consultancy is one of the best service of Saigon Asia Law Company. We have very strong lawyer team with many experience in tax consultancy. Many lawyer of our company use to be tax officer, chief accountant in many popular companies. Saigon Asia Law Company will provide the best service in tax consultancy for [...]

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